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Enabling Better Healthcare Through Technology
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Clinical Workflows
Education, Training and Skills
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Creating Business and Healthy Living Solutions Through Technology

Omni Micro Systems and Omni Med Solutions transform global business, healthcare, and education, providing better outcomes, service and quality through technology.  

We are a family of international quality-oriented consulting and technology development companies, with decades of experience and global offices in the USA and Europe. We are also helping to create a digitally skilled international workforce.

We have two divisions:  Omni Micro Systems, our technology development division, and Omni Med Solutions, our consulting division. Together, we provide the following efficient, customized, quality business products and services:

Consulting and implementations in eHealth and clinical informatics, working with hospitals, clinical offices, doctors, nurses and pharmacists to transform manual and inefficient healthcare processes, through the use of digital skills, adoption and optimization of electronic health records, and greater incorporation of technology in health care delivery

Business to business consulting in simplification of workflows, including re-design and re-engineering, specializing in clinical workflows, but also working within a variety of industries

Project management in digital skills and health information technology, advancing sector skills, competency integration in education and policy development

Digital skills education, training and workforce development, including curriculum and course development and delivery

eHealth and health information technology and application research, development and adoption, including the creation and incorporation into workflows of disruptive, efficiency-building technology solutions, allowing staff to work at the maximum potential and skill level

Societal lifestyle, communication and education improvement through technology utilizing creative visioning, design and development

Helping businesses go green and support an environmentally sound ecosystem, including helping them reduce energy consumption, generate renewable energies, employ environmentally compatible mobility, and take part in environmentally friendly procurement

Go Green with OMS!
Omni Micro Systems - Technology Development
Research and development of comprehensive
technology solutions in eHealth/ Health IT

Omni Med Solutions - Strategic Consulting
Strategic consulting, advising and business development
from a clinical perspective in eHealth/ Health IT

Email us or call us and let us show how we can help you! We are happy to arrange a customized, complimentary evaluation or consultation session.
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