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Strategic Consulting

We are your consultants and strategic advisors for breaking down barriers to success and improving business processes, especially in the current pandemic and recovery situation. We can assist you in transitioning or maintaining your staff to home-based, create applications to help with workflows, design customized software systems and develop remote interfaces. We can implement or optimize any process or technology solution that can help ease your pain points. We have remote, local, national and global consultants. We can provide advisory services, customize business solutions, support system activations and go-lives, staff command centers, deliver training, and provide short- or long-term technology, IT and workflow solutions.

OMS Logistics

We provide management, dash-boarding and data analysis for successful outcomes regarding movement of people, goods and equipment: supply chain and logistics services. Concentrating on high-cost centers and break-even points, we can make your current systems and data even more robust with customized dashboards, application modifications and tailored POS systems. We can also help extend your supply chain cadre by mobilizing our fleet of trusted, validated contractors worldwide, who serve in capacities of suppliers, storage facilitators and deliverers.

Education, Training and Skills

We transform classroom or paper-based training or curriculum into online and computer/web-based training. We quickly develop healthcare training content, both clinical and nonclinical, for physicians, nurses and other healthcare providers. We help you reach a local, regional or global audience of consumers, customers or students. We can help put your conference or seminars online. We have decades of experience in education at all levels and are ready to help design, develop and deliver your online training today.

Technology Development

We specialize in redesigning out-dated, bottle-necked or broken-down processes or systems. We build, tweak and incorporate innovative, disruptive, efficiency-building technology solutions into business processes, systems and operations. We strive to reduce inefficiencies, streamline processes, increase productivity and improve workflows. The highest level of staff and customer satisfaction are always paramount with OMS.

Creating Business and Healthy Living Solutions Through Technology

Omni Micro Systems is a woman-owned business enterprise that works to transform global commerce, healthcare, and education, providing better outcomes, service and quality through technology.  

We are a family of international quality-oriented consulting and technology development enterprises, with decades of experience and global offices in the USA and Europe. We are also helping to create a digitally skilled international workforce.

We provide efficient, customized, and quality business products and services including:

  • Consulting and strategic advisement, on business processes, operations and workflows, in various industries from healthcare, to retail services, logistics, manufacturing, business services and more. First, we help streamline and improve workflows, especially process-heavy manual ones, integrating systems and technology when feasible.  Our goal is to always make processes more efficient, staff more productive, and customers more satisfied.

  • Logistics and supply chain management, including creating customized workflows, designing or redesigning applications and software, and providing robust information and technology solutions to ensure your goods get to their destination, on time, on budget and within scope. This is especially important during times of global crises and pandemics. In these times, keeping the supply chain running smoothly and delivery of important goods, such as healthcare supplies, food and essential consumer products, is paramount. 

  • Digital skills education, training and workforce development, including online curriculum and course development, learning system management, and online and in-house training delivery in a variety of subjects for students of all ages. We can also transform your current paper- or textbook-based learning courses into online courses. We specialized in STEM, IT and technology course creation and delivery. 

  • Information technology and application research, development and adoption, including creating and incorporating disruptive, efficiency-building technology solutions into improved workflows, allowing staff to work at the maximum potential and skill level

  • And more...

OMS also provides:

Business to business consulting in simplification of workflows, including re-design and re-engineering, specializing in clinical workflows, but also working within a variety of industries. Our flexible, custom-designed and integrated plug-and-play information technology and systems allow us to simplify your workflow needs.

Support for implementations in eHealth and clinical informatics, working with hospitals, clinical offices, doctors, nurses and pharmacists to transform manual and inefficient healthcare processes, through the use of digital skills, adoption and optimization of electronic health records, and greater incorporation of technology in health care delivery

Project management in digital skills and health information technology, advancing sector skills, competency integration in education and policy development

Societal lifestyle, communication and education improvement through technology utilizing creative visioning, design and development

Helping businesses go green and support an environmentally sound ecosystem, including helping them reduce energy consumption, generate renewable energies, employ environmentally compatible mobility, and take part in environmentally friendly procurement


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Omni Micro Systems - Technology Development
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