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Omni Micro Solutions

We provide consulting and strategic advisement, on business processes, operations and workflows, in various industries from healthcare, to retail services, logistics, manufacturing, business services and more. 

First, we help streamline and improve workflows, especially process-heavy manual ones, integrating systems and technology when feasible.  Our goal is to always make processes more efficient, staff more productive, and customers more satisfied.

Omni Med Solutions

We specialize in health information technology and clinical informatics consulting and strategic advisement. Led by one of the most influential leaders in healthcare IT, OMS consultants provide remote or on-site strategic consulting, advising and business development in eHealth and Health IT from a clinical perspective. 

Instead of implementing systems and technology from an IT or systems-based perspective, we integrate them from the point of view of the doctor, nurse and patient. Why is this important? We put the primary focus on the clinical workflows and patient-centered care instead of the systems and technology -- they are simply the tools that help the providers deliver their care. We make systems understandable for users, ensuring technology is applied at its best.

We provide dedicated assistance at all steps of system or technology adoption, from vendor selection, to design, to testing and training, to command center set up and activation, to production support and modifications, optimizations and beyond.

OMS are your partners in selecting, installing or implementing healthcare IT/ eHealth systems, when migrating legacy systems, when shifting from a traditional fee-for-service model to value-based care, or when optimizing your systems and better engaging and integrating your patients into the healthcare process.  

Whether it is training your staff, managing your eHealth program or project, increasing interoperability, or utilizing a health information exchange, we provide guidance you can count on. 

We help you chart a course through regulations and requirements such as ICD10, clinical quality metrics, DRGs and reimbursement, and Meaningful Use. We are your service provider that is vendor-agnostic, yet an expert in most competitive vendor systems.  

We provide deep clinical knowledge of workflow and patient care processes, as well as expertise with system architecture, design and support. 

We keep abreast of all the local, national and international rules and regulations, collaborating globally with private and public entities for innovation, interoperability and workforce development.

We help identify areas of benefit, cost and risk to maximize savings, improve quality, safety and satisfaction to realize higher return on investment so you can focus on care to your patients. 

We provide full-service consulting in various areas:

  • Health information system/EHR/EMR implementations, from vendor selection, to specifications gathering, to design, development and build, to clinical decision support integration, to report building, to regulatory program compliance (e.g., Meaningful Use, PCMH, quality metrics, etc.), to full off-site and on-site project management
  • Third-party vendor installations and support
  • Physician training for HIT/eHealth systems
  • Staff training and back-fill
  • Clinical transformation
  • Benefits realization and return on investment from HIT consulting
  • Case study preparation
  • Workforce development in healthcare, clinical informatics and healthcare-IT impacted roles
  • Performing complete end-to-end eHealth and Health IT system implementations, installations and optimizations
  • Project Management including  full-cycle, multi-phase, reorganization, offshore and staff augmentation 
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