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EMR/ EHR Implementations

We perform eHealth and Health IT, electronic medical/ health records and mobile technology vendor selections, installations and implementations of all sizes and scales.

Strategically planned Electronic Medical/ Health Records development
Electronic health records transform paper-based documentation to records that are legible, uniform, secure, efficient, structured and safer for patients and clinicians.
In eHealth one size does not fit all 

Each implementation is unique, all systems and technology need to be customized and every optimization needs to be developed with an even greater future in mind. 

We offer complete solutions for all business challenges. Our team of clinical informatics consultants are industry experts to partner with you throughout the lifetime of the project from vendor selection to production support and beyond.

We work hand in hand for all implementation, installation and optimization needs:
  • Readiness assessment / pre-project strategic planning
  • Specifications and requirements analysis
  • Validation and verification
  • Clinical/business workflow and system design, build/configuration and validation
  • Hardware and device integration
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Quality assessment
  • Instructional design, training delivery and learning system management
  • Data migration and legacy system management
  • Activation, command center management and production support
  • Evaluation, modifications and upgrades
  • Optimization
  • Staff backfill and ad-hoc augmentation