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Benchmarking and Benefits Realization

Omni Med Solutions will show you how and where implementing information systems and technology tools can help you achieve your organizational goals and strategic initiatives.  We will help you realize benefits for your organization, your providers and your patients/consumers, and guide you in finding a heightened return on your eHealth/HIT investment  

The FOCUSED Methodology

Omni Med Solutions’ has developed the FOCUSED Method of Benefits Realization and Return on Investment


The FOCUSED Methodology is a system for quantifying and qualifying the value of both technology integration and electronic medical records implementation within a healthcare organization


Unlike other adoption and integration measurement scoring systems, this methodology evaluates perceived/implicit, actual and potential benefits that can be realized by adopting and deploying technologies and systems into a healthcare environment*


The method is FOCUSED on evaluating measurable tangible and intangible benefits that support strategic alignment and organizational improvement in Seven Dimensions: finance, operations, clinical areas, usability, satisfaction, patient and consumer engagement, and data

*It also factors in risks as well as potential liabilities that can be associated with the introduction of new and potentially disruptive information systems and technology, or the lack of adoption and integration