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Workforce Development

We advise, manage, consult and speak on global eHealth and Health IT workforce development initiatives. We maintain the HITCOMP tool, support and participate in HIMSS TIGER Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), AHIMA Foundation's Global Health Workforce Council, Horizon 2020 and other programs and initiatives.

We are involved in global healthcare workforce development and eHealth/ Health IT education initiatives.  

We lead, manage and support the following workforce development activities:

  • Skills needs assessments
  • Roles mapping and definitions
  • Competency mapping and definition, co-development, maintenance and upgrading of the HITCOMP Tool and Repository 
  • eHealth curriculum development
  • Educational program alignment
  • Career ladder progression development
  • Development of post-secondary educational/ vocational opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships
  • Career placement services

Creating a Skilled and Proficient eHealth/ Health IT Workforce


Staff shortages in critical areas such as nursing require the introduction of more innovative approaches to delivering health care, attracting and retaining staff.

In addition to clinical ability, these staff need to have information technology skills as well.

To make sure new and existing staff have the right skills to use eHealth, we have worked with our collaborators on the EU-US Workforce Development Workgroup and Global Health Workforce Council to create a comprehensive set of competencies and required skill sets for all health care workers.

We are working to align these competencies and with curricula and training programs.  We are also helping to provide training in all aspects of health information technology.