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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

OMS Logistics is here to serve all your logistics and supply chain management needs.  We provide unique, on-demand logistics solutions that help our clients become more efficient. OMS saves you time and worry.  

Our experts have over twenty years of experience in the field.  We utilize modern, up-to-date technological solutions and workflows,  ensuring that shipments are safe, secure, and on-time. We also approach any challenges with finesse, integrating technology whenever possible to streamline solutions.

Why choose OMS? We are industry leaders and have global expertise and provide technological solutions, customs and compliance, warehousing and distribution, and transportation services, specializing in hot spots in the United States and Europe.

OMS Logistics plan and manage all activities involved in the sourcing and procurement, conversion, and logistics management for global companies, large and small. We coordinate and collaborate with suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, forwarders and receivers to enhance, streamline and customize the supply chain experience. We blend all logistics processes into a cohesive integration across marketing, sales, product implementation, finance, and information technology activities within your company. All OMS solutions are designed with each client's unique needs, challenges and demands in mind.