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OmniHealth/ Nurse Maggie

Omni Micro Systems' OmniHealth is a comprehensive personal health assistant and wellness interaction program.  OmniHealth contains integrated hardware and software solutions.  

Nurse Maggie is a platform application for Android, iPhone and Windows integrated with and supporting OmniHealth. It is a voice-activated, low-impact, avatar-based medication and appointment reminder system designed specifically for seniors and disabled. 

Nurse Maggie helps with care coordination, medication compliance and basic activities of daily living. Nurse Maggie is our custom-designed, avatar-driven application.

In development is our integrated tablet/ PC and software system designed specifically for seniors/ elders and those with unique physical and motor abilities requiring facilitative and adaptive technologies. We also work with vendors to integrate this patient information onto Smart Cards.

It has extra usability features for those who have trouble using standard keyboards and devices, those who have cognitive disabilities and those who respond well to personalized interactions rather than emails, texts or other more mechanical communication means.

Integrated into these applications and devices is the powerful EasyHealth software that performs the following functions:

  • Integrated Patient Summary
  • Medication list management
  • Medication dose manager (integrated virtual personal assistant to guide and assist with friendly reminders, if needed)
  • Problem/ diagnosis list
  • Basic demographics
  • Medical records summary
  • Optional interfaces to EMR/EHR from hospital/provider office, including:
    • Vital signs monitoring
    • Diabetes monitoring
    • Post-operative condition status monitoring
    • Pain management monitoring
    • Chronic condition management monitoring
    • More
It is available in several global languages. The avatar can be customized for caretakers and family members in the senior's/ elder's life for better recognition, acceptance and comfort level.